Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Useful linux programs

Hey guys, this my first post about linux 
here I'm gonna show you some useful linux programs that you would need for multiple utilizations

1- UNetbootin

UNetbootin is a good tool for burning usb devices on linux its very simple it doesn't differ much than any tool works on windows

2- Comodo


even if usually Linux distros have a powerful security but using an anti-virus is important too
Comodo is an excellent Linux program for Linux user its a pretty good anti-virus that includes  an amazing  windows firewall 

3- Fotoxx

 Fotoxx is an easy to install and a lightweight image editor 
its available on
for mostly all Linux distros 
and it also has many tutorials on Youtube

4- PlayOnLinux  

Play on Linux is a program that can launch most used  windows games and programs on your Linux OS 
and its always updating so more games and programs are getting tested and added to the program list
with this program you play and use windows programs and games

5- RecordMyDesktop

RecordMyDesktop is a very good screen recorder 
it can be used in recording  tutorials 
with high quality 
it also available on and PPA
for all Linux distros

Thank you for reading and if there are more useful programs on Linux  , write them in comments