Thursday, 16 March 2017

Good games for android (part2)

Hey guys, this is second part of the last post about android games In this post you are going to see some good and free games lets start                       

Unkilled - Madfinger studio presents you with the opportunity to fight bloodthirsty monsters and be a winner in this difficult clash. The action takes place in New York after a zombie apocalypse. You need to destroy hordes of the walking dead. The storyline consists of a set of missions scattered on the city map. There's also many side quests. There's time between missions that you can use to replenish equipment, buy, and improve weapons at a local store
You can download from google play there



Xenowerk™ has 70 levels to explore with increasing difficulty. As progressing through the game you’ll come across a growing number of mutants and expanding areas to cleanse.
You can download from google play there

                                          3-Asphalt Xtreme: Offroad Racing

Asphalt Ń…treme - hold the wheel stronger and step on the gas to maximum. Rush in the coutry road outrunning numerous rivals in the race. Test your abilities and driving skills in extreme challenges waiting for you on the tracks of this exciting Android game. Drive your racing car across country roads. Jump over hills and trampolines, overcome unexpected turns of the track and other obstacles on the way. Try to outrun all opponents but avoid crashes. Unlock cars with unique characteristic
You can download from google play there

                                       4- Into the Dead

What can be worse than unexpected crash of a helicopter? The main hero of the new game Into The Dead knows the answer to this question. Because, having endured the crash, he appeared directly in epicenter of zombie apocalypse. He has no time to complain of destiny — it is necessary to run. Into The Dead is a new representative of an arcade genre, where the essence of the game is to run with different obstacles. Fortunately, this game is distinguished by some characteristics, which make it not only original, but also extremely interesting.      
You can download from google play there

Warhammer 40000: Freeblade - control a huge battle robot with a variety of weapons. Destroy hordes of enemies and defend your world. This Android game will take you into the murky world of perpetual war
Game features:

  1. Great graphics and sound
  2. Over 170 missions
  3. Different weapons
  4. Epic battles
You can download from google play there       

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