Sunday, 19 March 2017

how to install flashplayer-plugin on opera

Hey everybody , in this post I'm gonna show how to install the flash player on opera arch linux (tested) , It was a common problem little bit   well I  searched  about it and finally solved it 

let's get started 
  • first we find the pacman.conf 
  • it should be in /etc/pacman.conf
  • and add the following lines to the end of it

    • [archlinuxfr]
    • SigLevel = Never
    • Server =$arch
    • after adding them we need to install the yaourt package manager to install it you should write in the terminal 
    • sudo pacman -S yaourt 
    • after installing it  write in the terminal 
    • yaourt flash 
    • find pepper-flash  in the list that you are given
    • take its number ,write  and press enter 
    • keep accepting the stages after that and here you are

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