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Good games for android (part 7)

Hey guys, In this part of good games and free for android will share with you most popular games i had ever see of course  they are free lets go 
                              1-Battle of heroes: Orcs and zombies

Battle of heroes: Orcs and zombies - select your side in the conflict, participate in battles with knight orders, raids and arena battles. Plunge into unique atmosphere of adventures and endless battles waiting for you in this Android game. Level up your hero fighting against various opponents. Get valuable trophies and upgrade munitions of your character. Try yourself in arena battles against other players. Join a clan and play together with friends. Communicate with other players with the help of a chat. You can download it from google play there                                                         
2-Tekken 3
Tekken 3 - in opinion of most of gamers this is the best fighting of all time. Tekken 3 was released for Sony PlayStation One console in 1998. Unlike other even newer Tekken games this one offers the biggest number of game modes. But the most interesting is an Arcade mode. As soon as you defeat 12 fighters in it, you will be offered a new character to fight with. After you unlock most of new fighters in this Android game you will be able to play a Volleyball mode. It is especially funny to play as a little dragon having the funniest hit in it.
You can download APK there

3-God of war: Chains of Olympus      

God of war: Chains of Olympus - take a spartan across many battles against Percian army, mythic beasts and even mighty gods. Great campaigns of a merciless Kratos are waiting for you in this Android game. Overcome all deadly dangerous episodes together with the main hero and feel the might of mythic Ancient Greece. Bloody fights, sparkling swords, incredible graphics and epic story with series of puzzles - all this is for you. Start your adventures and you won't stop until you get to the very end.
You can download APK there

4- Gangstar: New Orleans

Gangstar: New Orleans - win the criminal world of New Orlean. Complete tasks of mafia bosses, fight against police and competitors, explore a big city. Make your way to the top of the criminal world in this Android game. Try your luck in the streets of New Orlean. Steal expensive cars and commit thefts. Participate in shootouts with competing gangs and police officers. Improve your reputation completing hard missions. Purchase excellent weapons and other objects every gangster needs. Become the king of the streets of a big city.
You can download it from google play there

5-Spider-Man Total Mayhem HD

Fight against evil powers, against six strongest enemies who united to create chaos and disorder in the city. Rescue innocent and weak, do everything that it is necessary to create a real superhero. You are waited for by a fascinating gameplay in which you will be able to use a set of various combinations for blows. Start up a web by means of which you can both move, and attack enemies!
You can download APK there
 Important notes to install this game you need to know how to install cache and this is how to install cache

1.Install ES File Explorer a file manager app to your device. Tap Install and after you finish downloading the files it’ll automatically be installed to your device. To open the app tap Open.

2.Enable Trust unknown sources option
Menu  > Settings > Security  >Unknown sources (check it if there’s no mark)

Note: Different devices may have different paths to Trust unknown sources and USB debugging options and it may differ from the path we show here
3.Enable USB debuggingoption
Menu > Settings> Applications > Development > USB debugging(check it if there’s no mark)

2. Guide on how to install games using your PC (with USB cable)

Important! If you’re planning on downloading games to your phone or tablet using Wi-Fi you’ll need this guide

1.Let’s look at how you install a game with cache using USB cable with Farmbusiness as an example. Download 2 files (*.apk installation file and *.zip cache file), that are under the game description to your PC to any folder you created or to your Desktop
2. Plug your phone/tablet via USB cable using Mass Storage Mode or Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) and copy two files you downloaded to Download folder that’s in the root folder of your memory
To see the files you downloaded using your phone/tablet you need to have ES File Explorer (for more details see step 1 of Preparing your device)
The game files will look like this through ES File Explorer on your device: 

3. Select the *.zip file and tap Extract at the bottom menu. In the pop up window you’ll need to enter the correct cache path (usually the cache path is indicated on under the game description, if it’s not there please read the note at the bottom of the page) and tap OK


4.After you extract files go back to Download folder (previous step), tap the *.apk file and then Install.


5. After the installation is complete tap Open and enjoy the game.


6.We recommend deleting installation files from your Download folder after that, so your device remains clutter-free.

Holding your finger on the file will select it and then you can delete it by selecting Delete in the menu at the bottom of the screen.


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