Tuesday, 16 May 2017

how to fix lag in windows(7,8,10)

Hi guys, I am going to share with you some good solutions to fix lag for window(7,8,10) I hope you find this post helpful to you and help you to fix your computer if it very laggly lets get started


First step you need to open run for guys who dont know how to open it you can open it by pressing windows mark on keyboard and

Second step write on run  services.msc then press ok then search for Windows update click on it with right click then click properties then choose disabled on startup type make same way on superfetch and backgroundintelligent 

third step open run again and write in it temp then delete all files as you can delete them 

forth step  search for (defragment and optimize) for windows 8 and 10 you can write it in search mark on  the right corner of screen then click on settings and write that for windows 7 you can search by pressing on start mark  then write (defragment and optimize) ofcourse without ( ) then new screen will open click on driver then click on analyze or optimize

fifth step open control panel then choose hardware and sound then choose power options then change it from balanced to othier choice
      After all that restart your computer and it will get more faster 
                          IF you found this post helpfull for you 
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