Monday, 29 May 2017

Good games for android (part8)

Hey guys, In this part of good games and free for android I will share with you some new games lets go

                                         1-Happy tower


Skyscrapers - before you stands a brand new skyscraper. Your own, personal, freshly-painted skyscraper. And it stands there waiting for you. Start building new floors and start new businesses! Play Skyscrapers, figure out winning strategies, and, most important of all, create the tallest and greatest skyscraper.
To download from google store go there

                            2-FIFA 16: Ultimate team v3.2.11

FIFA 16: Ultimate team - create your dream team made out of world's best players. Take part in different championships. Become the coach of the world's best football team in this game for Android. Select a uniform to your liking. Buy and sell players and try to get a perfectly balanced composition of the team. Exchange unwanted players for valuable prizes. Control the actions of your team on the field. Pass the ball from one player to another. Outwit the defenders of the opposing team.
To download from google store go there

                                        3-Cosmic Glum

Cosmic Glum - take a round cosmic hero across faraway planets full of various dangers and traps. Help the most powerful superhero in the universe get rid of boredom and complete the task of the king of the planet Hiatus in this Android game. Tap the screen, select the right trajectory and moment of movement. Use the hero's ability to bounce obstacles and take into account laws of physics. Remember that you have limited number of moves to get to a teleport leading to the next level.
You can download it from google store there

                                          4-Shadow fight 3

  Shadow fight 3 - next game in a series of meg popular fighting games by Nekki. As before you fight in spectacular battles to defeat your opponent. Choose a character, each with own combat style, advantages and disadvantages. You can fight real time battles or do missions and receive bonuses. New thing is that you can switch into shadow fight mode that gives your new abilities.    
You can download it there
You need to see how to install cache to can install it to see how go to this post there    

                                       5-  Counter Strike 1.6   

    At last a global shooter game of Counter Strike 1.6 in your phone. Play with friends or bots a shooter game of all times and people any time. A lot of gamers worldwide will accompany you with pleasure. The purpose of the game "Counter Strike Android" can be different, and depend on the map where you will play. There are various maps, for example, such where you have to neutralize a bomb, maps where you should rescue hostages.
You can download it there

                                  6-World cricket championship 2
World cricket championship 2 - manage your own team and take part in various cricket tournaments. Control your sportsmen. Choose your favorite team and send it to play in this game for Android. Do complex serviced and try to score a goal. Hit balls serviced by your rivals. Manage players of your team and win tight games against strong opponents. Take part in tournaments of different levels. Win and increase the rating of your team. Use clever tricks to become a champion.
You can download it from google play there

                                   7-Dream league soccer 2017

Dream league soccer 2017 - run a soccer team and take it to victory in different championships. Win the matches against strong opponents! Create a soccer team of your dream in this Android game. Buy soccer stars and train them to take your team to the Premier League. Select the most efficient playing schemes which will help you win the matches against various opponents. Get rewards for the matches you win. Build your stadium. Make a unique uniform for your players. Gather a collection of achievements and prizes.
You can download it from google play there

                                      8-Shadow guardian HD

Shadow guardian HD - help a brave hero find an ancient artifact able to give its owner amazing power. Explore ancient temples, lost in jungle and hidden in desert sands. Travel around the world, from hot Africa to icy Antarctica. Complete a variety of tasks, go past and disarm cunning traps, fight hordes of enemies. Use different weapons and martial arts techniques. Don't let greedy mercenaries capture the powerful relic, and save humanity from disaster
You can download it there
to install cache see the end of this post there

                               9-FIFA 15: Ultimate team v1.3.2
Game features: Great graphics Good controls Real matches  Over 10000 football players Over 500 real teams Over 30 leagues and stadiums
You can download from google play there or there

                                  10-X-Men: Mutant academy 2

X-Men: Mutant academy 2 - take part in superhero tournament. Use abilities of your fighter to crush opponents and become an arena king. In this dynamic Android game you can select among many superheroes and villains each having unique abilities and combat style. Take your favorite character on the arena and get ready for a battle against powerful opponents. 
You can download it there

                             Thx for reading follow for more
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