Tuesday, 16 May 2017

netst winsock reset code (pes16 fix)

Hello guys, after greeting every one there I would like to present this code to you this code will solve problem in pes16 game and this is the problem "Please make sure your network settings are configured correctly"

 all you need to do open your cmd as administrator if you didnt run it as administrator it wouldnt work then write the code in cmd *netst winsock reset code* press enter all things will be solved after conversation between people in comments some of them found problem in writing code if it said nestst in unknown command or something like that you need to write in cmd that      
                                             1-netsh int ip reset
                                          2-netsh winsock show catalog
                                                  3-netsh winsock reset

this will solve problem good bye guys i hope to find you next post write in comment if you found any problem follow for more posts

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