Friday, 10 February 2017

good terminal emulators

Hey everybody , In this post I'm gonna share some good terminal emulators with you , all these terminal emulators are full free  , available on all Linux distros and I tried them on my PC .

1-Gnome terminal

this is maybe the most used terminal emulator well its mostly used by default on any linux distro
 here is a official website gnome
 you can also download from softpedia 


terminology is more like a GUI terminal it can  navigate photos and it can understand link and email adresses even you can watch youtube videos on it if it was installed correctly  
here is the official website enlightenment
its also available on the APT and for all linux distros

terminator is a good replacement for any of the last terminal emulators where you can adjust settings as you want like change the background color , font size and title  it can navigate multiple tabs in the same time its available and the APT

Thanks for reading and if you know other easier terminal emulators post them in comments