Thursday, 23 February 2017

Helpful websites for Linux users

Hey everybody , In this post I'm gonna recommend some very useful websites that would be important for Linux users  the new Linux users and the advanced Linux users so they are useful for Linux users generally , These websites will help you getting Linux packages, installing them, using them,letting you know about new Linux distros and learning the command line .

These websites are about variant Linux distributions so lets get started

1- getting packages 

My favourite website to get a package is is very good and simple website I think it supports maybe all  linux distros with huge quantities of packages for variant utilizations .

2-learning command line 
Here are some websites for learning command line 

3-linux news

The best website to keep pace with linux news is ofcourse DistroWatch  this website gives alot of information about linux these information could be helpful with many things like most used linux distros, latest distros released ,latest packages and latest reviews so if you want to get a linux distro this website would be very useful to you 

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