Tuesday, 14 February 2017

linux mint review

hey guys,Iam writing this review after testing linux mint on my computer

Easily Installation

The installation of almost all Ubuntu based Linux distributions is super easy. There are no complexities in the setup. You can boot the setup from the Live USB or DVD. One more thing, Linux Mint 18 is fully UEFI supported.

interface Cinnamon 3.0.7

​​Cinnamon is a familiar desktop environment for Windows XP or 7 users who want to migrate to Linux. Cinnamon start-menu-style is very similar to Windows XP or 7 start-menu-style. The similar way to set favourite applications in the start menu and access other applications from apps categories.

  Useful programs for it 


Unison is a simple, lightweight backup program. It is GUI-driven, which makes it well suitable for new Linux users. It is capable of backing up files and folders to local and remote locations (via SSH) and can run scheduled.

                           2-Time Vault 


TimeVault is a snapshot software, which, when activated will create copies of all files and folders that change, retained a detailed archive of all revisions. It is very useful for keeping track of frequent changes to important files. It also guarantees easy recovery of lost data  

                        3-IEs4linux browser 

 This is an excellent utility that enables you to run Internet Explorer on Linux, using WINE for emulation; it offers Internet Explorers 5 through 7, including Flash, making invalid the excuse of not switching to Linux because your favorite site only loads in Internet Explorer.

4-Console (Terminal) utility Guake 

Guake is a semi-transparent drop-down console that you can use instead of your standard shell programs by having it always ready at the tip of your fingers. Guake allows you to work faster and with more fun.