Saturday, 18 February 2017

Useful linux programs (part4)

Starts by saying hello to everyone,in this post iam going to write (part4) of useful programs for linux
which can help you to do what you want easly 
                      Iam pleasant to introdues 
                       those programs for you
notice (if you want to download program click on its name and you will be in official  website for downloading)

The Eclipse Platform is an open and extensible platform for anything and yet nothing in particular. It provides a foundation for constructing and running integrated software-development tools. The Eclipse Platform allows tool builders to independently develop tools that integrate with other people's tools so seamlessly you can't tell where one tool ends and another starts.

This package provides the whole Eclipse SDK that contains Eclipse Platform, Java development tools and Plug-in Development Environment, including source and both user and programmer documentation.

                            2- LightTable
 LightTable is a modern-looking advanced code editor with more than 100 plugins available. It supports several programming and scripting languages, and the feature that sets it apart from other       

Code::Blocks is a development environment for C, C++ and Fortran. It’s also cross-platform, and supports several different compilers, code folding and completion. Among other useful features, Code::Blocks offers a tabbed interface, a hex editor and a GUI designer module to help you create application interfaces.
                          4- TeamViewer

TeamViewer is not an open-source application, but it’s on this list because it has a Linux version and because many new Linux users rely on it when they get stuck with a software problem. It’s an application for remote desktop control that lets another user access and administer your system. However, it can also be used for online meetings and direct file transfer between computers.
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