Thursday, 2 February 2017

some FULL FREE TTS programs

Hey guys , in this post I'm gonna share some text-to-speech completely free programs that would be a good replacement if you don't have a microphone .
and they are for multiple operating systems.

this one is for windows 
Here are some features of it
  1. Automatic text scrolling to make text in current reading position visible ("speech following"). Spoken text also can be highlighted with any color while reading .
  2. Easy-to-add pluggable pronunciation dictionaries, which helps to customize pronunciation of single words, abbreviations and word-combinations and to make words substitutions.
  3. Reading of big-sized files.
  4. MS Word (.DOC) and .HTML files import.
  5. Remembers each opened document settings (voice parameters, dictionaries set, colors, current speech position etc) between reading sessions.
  6. Built-in scheduler for automatic computer shutdown on speech finish.
  7. Optional Windows context menu integration.

Gespeaker works on Linux and windows it can be edited, it doesn't much differ than the AudioBookMaker except that it works on Linux 
Its the GUI version of espeak on Linux .
Its available on the APT and
for many Linux Distros .

3-Mac TTS software 
Mac has its ability to text-to-speech you can enable it by 
  • Go to System Preferences > Dictation & Speech, and select the Text to Speech tab.
  • Enable the Speak selected text when the key is pressed option.   
 there are tutorials for that on youtube aswell 

if you met any problem while install any of these programs write it in comments and if you know other free TTS programs you can write it aswell 

              thanks for reading