Thursday, 16 February 2017

some good commands for new linux users

Hey everybody , this post could be very useful for new linux users 
generallly I mean with "generally" that this post is for all most used  linux distros good like debian,ubuntu,linux,openSUSE and archlinux 
by the way (ofcourse all these command must be written in the terminal)

1-file navigating commands

       ls is a command you can use  to list the content of a folder but if you type just "ls" it will not               show you the hidden folders and file of the folder you are in , if you want know the hidden                   folders and file of the folder you are in, you should type "ls -a".

         pwd prints the path you are in ,

     cd is used to get into a specific folder and also used to go back to a folder you were in  or go
        back to the directory that contains the directory you are in like using backspace, to use the  command to get into a specific folder you that exist in the directory you are in you should type "cd foldername" , you can use the command to go into a directory that exists in a directory  that        exists in you path you can use "cd foldername/foldername"  and to use the command to go back
        or use it as backspace you can type "cd .." and you can use it like this aswell "cd ../../.."
       to go back as many times as you want            

  2- sudo
      sudo refers to super user do this command is used to issue commands as adminstrator
          to use it you should write "sudo yourcommand"
3-package installing command

 -apt (ubuntu/debian based distros)
  apt refers to advanced packaging tool this command alllows you to install packages from repositories that means that you don't have to download the packages into your computer you should just type "sudo apt-get install packagename" then  it will download and install the package and its dependencies .
notice (this command is just for ubuntu/debian based distros)

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