Saturday, 4 February 2017

some useful free addons and extensions

Greetings everyone, in this post I'm gonna share some really useful add-ons and extensions that could be used in variant browsers like opera, chrome (and spark browser) , mozilla Firefox 
 and I tried most of them,  I liked them and  I hope that you will like them aswell 

1- Nimbus screenshot
Nimbus is a good screen capturer that has its own community as well
and here are some features of it 
1- you have multiple options about where to capture your photo how to capture it like the entire page or selected area.
2- you can also edit your photos after capturing it like resize , change its color , add text ....etc .

3- you can use as a photo editor where you can upload a photo and edit it.
  here are its links for 

2-ADblocker ultimate

  I'm already using ADblocker ultimate when you use you will feel and know the  deference it is good, it makes browsing faster and removes all ads  or 99% of ads


NoScript is the best tool for protecting your pc and your browsing data from and hazards its really useful maybe for the first time you use it you will think its annoying but that can be manageable  it can block anything you don't want on any page 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post if you know more useful extensions or better extensions write them in comments 

thanks for reading