Sunday, 5 February 2017

Useful programs

Hey guys. iam going to tell you what best VPN that you can use it Its lets see what pros that program give you 

                               In free mode you can get 

1- 3 locations to connect canada, netherlands and singapore  
2- best effort bandwidth 3mbit/s
3-no port forwarding

                                            In plus mode 

1-29 locations like france,germany and USA 
2-unlimited bandwidth 150mbit/s
3-75 GB data transfer
4- no port forwarding

                                    In Premium mode

1-29 locations
2-unlimited bandwidth over 150mbit/s
3-unlimited data transfer
4-port forwarding

To regist in it follow this Register

                                              WO MIC 

Hey guys, i would like to introduce new program for you some guys dont know what this program do ???
This program can make your mobile like microphone that you can speak with it on your PC 


First  you need to download EXE on your PC and follow this link to download WO MIC exe

Second you need to download app on your  mobile to download follow this link from google play WO MIC APP


Hey guys, i would like to tell you what best way to download games and buy it easy its by Orgin programe where you can find so many games to buy like EA sports games  and you can find some free games aswell like FIFA 16 demo



To download it from official follow this link Origin